Human impact in coastal West Central Africa from the Iron Age to colonial times – reflected in the charcoal of Dibamba 1





Project coordinator

Katharina Neumann

Scientific collaborator

A. Höhn

Cooperation partners

Université Yaoundé, IRD, Représentation du Cameroun (R. Oslisly)

Short description

The archaeological site is situated close to Douala, near the coast of Cameroon. A rescue excavation during the construction of a power plant furnished archaeological material from more than 200 pits dating to the last 2000 years and many well preserved charcoal fragments. Their analysis is supposed to help answer the following questions.

How did human settlement change the vegetation of the coastal rain forest in Cameroon? Which environmental conditions prevailed when the settlement began?  Did vegetation changes lead to the hiatus in the settlement history of the coastal forest in the second half of the first millennium AD? Was the utilization of the rain forest changed by European colonization?


Read more about the results, as soon as the first results are on hand.