Annika Schmidt

Campus Westend, Poelzig-Building
Room Q4, 6.412

Tel.: 069 798-32105
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Goethe University
Institute of Archaeological Sciences
Norbert-Wollheim-Platz 1, Fach 3

60629 Frankfurt am Main


Research interests

Research projects

Professional and academic career

Selected publications

Research interests

African prehistory:

  • Settlement structures and burials


  • Portable XRF on soil samples

Regional specialization on West Africa, fieldwork in Nigeria.


Research projects (participation)
  • DFG-long term research project: The Nigerian Nok Culture


Academic career

since 2015

Research assistant in the DFG long term research project: The Nigerian Nok Culture with dissertation project “Identification and interpretation of features of the Nigerian Nok Culture using pXRF”


Student research assistant in the Nok project, participation at the excavations in Nigeria and processing excavation data.

July 2014

Degree Magistra Artium (M.A.) in pre- and protohistory: Studien zur Struktur der Nok-Fundstelle Pangwari in Zentralnigeria anhand der Befunde und der Fundverteilung (Studies on the structure of the Nok Culture site Pangwari by analysing features and find distributions).


Studies in pre- and protohistory (major subject), archaeology and culture history of the Near Eastern and classical archaeology (minor subjects) at Goethe University Frankfurt.


Start of studies at the Heidelberg university in classical archaeology (major subject), geography, Indology, European art history (minor subjects).



Franke, G., Höhn, A., Schmidt, A., Ozainne, S., Breunig, P., Neumann, K. (submitted). Pits, Pots and Plants at Pangwari – Deciphering the Nature of a Nok Culture Site. Azania.

Höhn, A., Franke, G., Schmidt A. 2018. Pits at Pangwari. Charcoal taphonomy at a multi-phased Nok site, Central Nigeria. In: Mercuri, A.M., D'Andrea, A.C., Fornaciari, R., Höhn, A. (eds.): Plants and People in the African Past - Progress in African Archaeobotany. Cham (Springer Nature), 271-299. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-89839-1_14

Schmidt, A. 2016. Excavation 2016 and XRF Analysis at the Nok Site of Ido in Central Nigeria. Nyame Akuma 86, 65-70.

Schmidt, A. 2014. Studien zur Struktur der Nok-Fundstelle Pangwari in Zentralnigeria anhand der Befunde und der Fundverteilung. Goethe-Universität, Frankfurt am Main. (